100% NATURAL LUMP WOOD CHARCOAL FROM UKRAINE Our Company, MAV EXPORT LLC, can offer to you Anzeige Nr. 67428 (Kaufe / Verkaufe), Deutschland

Rubrik: Kaufe, verkaufe Kaminholz, Holzbriketts in Deutschland
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Region: Deutschland
Autor: Valeriya Kovalenko / Ukraine
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Veröffentlichung: 07.06.2021
Status: 19.06.2024
Text der Anzeige in Deutsch:


Our Company, MAV EXPORT LLC, can offer to you attention bio- energy goods like wooden charcoal, briquettes and wood for fire.
We can do products as charcoal in PP or paper bags for 3, 5, 10 and 12 kg (Restaurant Grade) . The bags can be with your brand, design and in any language.
We are selling only the best quality charcoal, which is made of hardwood (oak, ash- tree, hornbeam) .
Made from hard wood, best for professional use in restaurants, it is no sparkling, no smoking, big sizes (restaurant grade) , clean without any dust or small pieces, very dry.

The quality of the Goods meet the below mentioned requirements:

- Humidity (Water content, W%) – not more than 5%, GOST 16399- 70
- The contant of coal- volatile matter (Vd, %) – 13. 6%, GOST 6382- 91
- Ash content (Ad, %) – not more than 1. 3 %, GOST 12596- 67
- The contant of solid carbon (FCd, %) – not less than 85. 1%, GOST 7657- 84

Qualitative characteristics correspond to the requirements of GOST 7657- 84 for charcoal grade “A” or European DIN 1860- 2.

For the production of environmentally friendly products we use only certified and quality materials: kraft paper produced in Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Holland and glue is of Holland origin. All paper bags at our production are made with hand assembly, ensuring high quality of the end product. Our bags are made of white or brown paper with a weight of 70- 90 g / m2.

Our clients' success - is our success, and we strive to offer the most optimal solutions to different problems.
Work with us simple, easy and enjoyable
Our customers include leading companies in Ukraine and Europe.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact me
Valeriya Kovalenko
kovalenko. lera@mail. ru
+38 067 1954746 (viber)

Text der Anzeige in anderen Sprachen:
Name, Firma: Valeriya Kovalenko, MAV EXPORT
E-Mail-Adresse: kovalenko.leramail. ru
Telefon: +38 067 1954746
Mobil: +380671954746
Adresse: 09100, Белая Церковь, П.Запорожцев, 246

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