- Figurines, compositions, the signs of the zodiac and other articles made with incomparable Anzeige Nr. 66053 (Kaufe / Verkaufe), Deutschland

Rubrik: Kaufe, Verkaufe Souvenirs
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Region: Deutschland
Autor: Vladimir Anisimov / Bulgarien
Veröffentlichung: 07.06.2021
Status: 04.04.2024
Text der Anzeige in Deutsch:

- Figurines, compositions, the signs of the zodiac and other articles made with
incomparable artistic skills.
- Jewels from glass in incredible colors and of inimitable craftsmanship. The beauty of their make will astonish you.
- Clocks from glass. Wide variety of a unique product. They could be made on a client's model as well.
- Ceramic vases and souvenirs. Fine make of every detail.
- Pictures on wood carving. Special materials are applied to obtain freshness of the colors and depth of image. Multicolor stone pieces are used for the painting itself.
- Landscapes and icons from amber. A lovely present. The power of the amber will bring harmony and warmth to your home.
- Wooden eggs with hand painted winter landscapes, as well as eggs with icons.
- Lacquer boxes for jewels and other, made through a special processing method, featuring themes from the Russian popular art.
- Matrioshka - a souvenir that needs no presentation, because known worldwide. The variety is tremendous: from the traditionally painted matrioshkas to the ones representing famous politicians and artists.

Our company maintains longtime contacts with partners abroad. The terms of production and delivery of the souvenirs could be from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on every specific order and quantity. The coast of shipping and documents arrangement is at the expense of the buyer. The payment is effected through a bank transfer. The buyer designates the type of transportation and the delivery date. We guarantee correct relationship, proper execution of the orders, as well as appropriate packaging of the articles. To large quantities we apply a flexible system of discounts and reductions.

Text der Anzeige in anderen Sprachen:
Name, Firma: Volbi
E-Mail-Adresse: volbi.souvenirabv. bg
Telefon: +359 899 811 264
Mobil: +359 876 811 264
Webseite: wechseln
Adresse: July,27 str,21
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