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To place an express advertisement, you do not have to register on our website. You can just place an ad right on this page, agreeing to the placement Terms. After clicking on the "Submit" button, your ad will be checked by us and will become available for viewing on the site.
Here you can add job advertisements and those not related to business or entrepreneurial activities. To place ads related to business activities, please register on the website.

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Ad features:

Brief information has to accurately reflect the essence of the ad and be detailed enough so that the user can decide whether to view the ad or not, for example, CORRECT: "I offer a job as a nanny to care for children with accommodation in Munich for 1 year, urgent". WRONG: "Nanny wanted".


Detailed information as to the ad

There is no detailed information for the ad category and / or ad type you have selected.

Prices related to the ad (optional)

If you sell goods or provide services, enter the prices for your offer here. This will improve your ad ranking due to additional links and participation in the price search service.


Name of product/service* UOM* Selling price*

Captcha and password for deletion

To be able to delete this express ad at a later time, please enter the password for deletion here. Use the "Delete" tab above on this page to remove an express advert.

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Deleting a previously posted express ad

To delete the express advert you have posted, please specify its number and password for deletion, which you indicated when placing the ad

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