Ads for purchase and sale in Germany, buy and sell wholesale and retail

Buy / Sell in Germany - the section of the online newspaper containing ads on the purchase and sale of various goods, both from private individuals and from organizations.

The goods offered for sale in this section can be either new, ready for sale, or custom-made by private entrepreneurs or manufacturing enterprises. Most of the ads contain offers of inexpensive second-hand goods: clothes, furniture, cars, books, electronics, etc.

This section places ads by both the residents of Germany who want to sell or buy any goods, and entrepreneurs from abroad, from other countries, providing for the sale, payment and goods shipping options for customers from Germany. In some categories, entrepreneurs from Germany place ads offering their goods abroad.

Special categories in this section may be of interest to businesspeople, as they contain offers for the sale of raw materials, tools and equipment, as well as other goods sold in bulk, in large quantities, or intended for resale. Many sections of the "buy - sell" section will appeal to most visitors, depending on their spheres of interest: buying/selling real estate, equipment, products, goods for children, as well as selling pets, antiques and art/ virtu.

For more information on buying and selling residential real estate and real estate for business see a dedicated section of the online newspaper.

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American Akita puppy for sale. (Author: Кристина)

family. franz joseph, his wife elisabeth, and daughter valerSelling Antiques. family. franz
joseph, his wife elisabeth, and daughter valeria at a young age. (Author: Анна)

Casting of parts with molding tooling (Author: +380670070120)

BIBIGON is a cattery specializing
in breeding healthy Singapura cats. We have kittens who will (Author: Nelli W. Sawelewa)

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