List and description of directories regarding companies and entrepreneurs in Germany, yellow pages for migrants and foreigners

The proposed list covers the main sites with directories/catalogs of firms, enterprises, entrepreneurs and their goods and services for migrants and foreigners in Germany. The directories/catalogs are ranked by the number of companies registered there.
Some directories/ catalogs contain information about companies only in a certain city or a federated state of Germany. General directories of companies throughout Germany usually offer their data by federated state.

No. Directory Region Number of companies

This is the site you are currently on. It contains a directory of Russian-speaking companies in Germany and other countries. Specific categories provide contact information for entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who speak Russian in European countries.

Russian-speaking firms and specialists in Germany

A specialized directory of Russian-speaking translators, bureaus and translation agencies all over the world, including Germany.

Business directory of enterprises, firms, organizations, and products. Addresses. Telephones. Relevant information. Information by federated state, section, search.

HAMBURG: a complete guide to Russian companies in Hamburg and around the city. Convenient keyword search.

BERLIN: Russian restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, hotels, newspapers.

Firms in Germany and Russia, a variety of topics

The catalog contains addresses and descriptions of the services and goods performed by Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in Germany.

Russian and Russian speaking firms in Germany.

BONN: directory of companies. Addresses, phone numbers, detailed description of activities.

The data on the list as of 2021

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