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The content of our site, which is freely available and provided free of charge, was compiled by us with the highest possible accuracy and thorough verification of the data. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy and relevance of the information provided free of charge and in the public domain, which is journalistic materials: tips and information. Comments and articles with the name of the author indicated express the opinion of the said author, which opinion is not always in line with ours. When you open the site content freely available and provided free of charge, no contractual obligations shall arise between the site user and us, since there is no expression of will creating legal consequences.

Initially, the information on our website is prepared in Russian, and is then translated into other languages. When translating the information, exceptional cases may arise when translators incorrectly render some information. In case of discrepancies in information in different languages, priority shall be given to the information in Russian.

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