We offer partnership/cooperation in the field of implementation of engineering (technical) projects of any level of complexity.Ad Nr. 70827 (Business, entrepreneurship in Germany), Germany

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Region: Germany
Author: BalticNordTraiding SIA / Latvia
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Publication: 29.04.2022
Status: 29.03.2023
Ad text in English:

We have the opportunity to implement engineering projects of any level of complexity. Including on turnkey terms.
We can also perform a huge range of works, one way or another related to engineering:
1) simple calculations (e. g. strength, aerodynamics, electrical engineering, etc. ) ;
2) preliminary analysis (audit) of the existing project in order to optimize costs and achieve maximum efficiency in implementation;
3) performance of design (including preliminary design) works;
4) selection and/or delivery of equipment of any "technical" purpose;
5) development and implementation of technological processes for specific tasks;
6) development of complex electronic devices and/or circuits;
7) any tasks for programming and creating automated systems;
and so on.
Any tasks of any "technical" topic.
Any level of complexity.
Including non- standard tasks.
Including turnkey work - from joint (with the customer) formation of a technical assignment to delivery of equipment, installation and start- up (production and/or technological) of the process.

There are no unsolvable tasks - contact - we will help you implement the right (optimal) solutions!

Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: Сергей
Email: balticnordtraidinggmail. com
Phone number:
Mobile phone number: +37123304334

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