A big farm in Latvia in the Skriveri region is for sale. In 2017, it won the competition “the Ad Nr. 68544 (Business, entrepreneurship in Germany), Germany

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Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 21.02.2024
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A big farm in Latvia in the Skriveri region is for sale. In 2017, it won the competition “the most beautiful farmstead” and was acknowledged for being a neat and well- managed farm from Raimonds Vējonis, the President of the Republic of Latvia! The owners hold 350 hectares of arable land and 30 hectares of forests. 700 hectares of the land are leased. A big, new, modern complex for dairy cows with 400 cows (Holstein, Red Holstein, Black Holstein and some Jersey cows) . Dairy unit with carousel type milking machine with 28 spots and capacity for 800 cows, Lagoon, extension to the separator. There is a place to build a farm for another 400 cows. There is a dairy calf farm, veal farm and calving booth for 80 cows. Concrete trenches for silage – 4 pcs. (7, 200 m3) , concrete manure. There is a power supply lead from 380 V to 400 A (a new high- voltage line, transformer and distribution cables) . The farm has its own saw mills, a gas station where 80, 000 litres of fuel can be stored, and a two- storey heated garage for machinery along with a repair shop and three rooms with facilities. There is an equipped residential wagon with three rooms and a kitchen area, a 900 m2 wood shed, a 750 m2 warehouse and a 1200 m2 grain warehouse. Sold together with all the equipment necessary for the farm maintenance and land management (50 units) . There is a new two- story house (250 m2) , where the new owner can live, and a four- apartment building for workers (600 m2) . The workers will be happy to stay and work for the new owner! I can send the list of machinery and tractors and other necessary information upon request. The selling price is 3, 500, 000 euros! If you have any questions, call +371 27007977 (Ēriks) .

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Name, Company: Eriks
Email: eriks.saukumsmerkurita. lv
Phone number: +37127007977
Mobile phone number: +37127007977

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