We are looking for a representative/partner to organize the supply of fruits and vegetables from South America to the EU countries. We suggest starting with the supply of fresh garlic.Ad Nr. 70822 (Business, entrepreneurship in Germany), Germany

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Region: Germany
Author: BalticNordTraiding SIA / Latvia
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Publication: 28.04.2022
Status: 03.04.2024
Ad text in English:

We offer to conclude contracts for the supply of fresh garlic from South America:

1) price with delivery to the European port (CIF) FROM 1. 9 euros/kg;
2) minimum order - one 40- foot sea container (20 tons) ;
3) calibers available for ordering - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8;
4) packaging: cardboard or plastic boxes, mesh bags.

The price depends on several factors. Discussed individually.

Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: Сергей
Email: balticnordtraidinggmail. com
Phone number:
Mobile phone number: +37122304334

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