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Region: Germany
Author: Adam / Poland
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Publication: 24.10.2022
Status: 04.02.2024
Ad text in English:

A special pack of 50 Gotland Sheepskins!

50 beautiful curly Gotland skins.
50 euros each!

A unique opportunity - we only have 1 such package. All skins look beautiful, mostly gray colors, different shades, a few white and black.

Every month we travel to many European Union countries with our products! Our products are transported by buses, which means they are not rolled or pressed like in packages!
Contact us and we will come to you too!
With us everyone will find something for themselves!

BUY MORE FOR LESS and spoil others with a wide selection of quality products!

Additional information:
  • Title: 50 Gotland Sheepskins - Mega Paka!
  • Price: 50,00 EUR
  • Seller: Adam Leather
Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: Adam Leather - Tannery Poland
Email: infotannerypoland. com
Phone number: 0048697309269
Mobile phone number:
Website: view

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