LLC "Bochka s myodom" The company exists since 2011. Having a large beekeeping farm, in a Ad Nr. 66240 (Business, entrepreneurship in Germany), Germany

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Region: Germany
Author: bochka s myodom / Uzbekistan
Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 15.09.2022
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LLC "Bochka s myodom"

The company exists since 2011.

Having a large beekeeping farm, in a large assortment to offer the production of bee- honey, wax, propolis, pollen, Royal jelly, honey comb.

The head of the company father Timofeev V. I. , now the sons of Timofeyev, V. V. , Timofeyev, D. V. , beekeepers in the third generation.

Since 1992, the company is engaged in the production and export of honey, and other Bee products , as well as packages of bees.

The sale of a wholesale and retail. In the city retail sales with delivery and wholesale with the export in Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, in the presence of accompanying documents, and certificates of veterinarian sanitary rules.

Honey- yield is effected in the Republic of Uzbekistan and regions near Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the mountains of the Chatkal reserve, Akhangaran "Blue mountain", "Beldersay".

The company employs the best specialists on the content of bee families, the collection of honey and Bee products, having great experience of work.

The slogan of our company is "Quality of honey is a pledge of health"

Assortiment of honey: аккурай, mountain, floral, steppe, cotton, grass, donik, clover, Maisky, sunflower, acacia, ilantus, honey comb.

As for the quality, it is the rich harmony of a bouquet of flowers (origanum, thyme, sage, cornflower and others) , crystal or cream- honey, from dark to bright yellow and white colors.

Our task as much as possible and the best offer of honey and Bee products.

As are a selection of works on development of bee families, quality Bee- Queens, that would increase honey- yield and for the sustainability of the winter bees.

Addressing to us You will receive important information about honey and Bee products, about how useful honey and what nutritive qualities are possessed, how to use and store.

Cooperating with us You will appreciate our job and decent script . . . our products- honey, pollen, propolis, пергу, wax, etc.

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Name, Company: Bochka s myodom L.L.C
Email: bochka_s_myodommail. ru
Phone number: +998911635600
Mobile phone number: +998911635600
Fax: +998712692430
Website: view
Address: uzbekistan
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