WE SUPPLY ! Rice, corn, oil, wheat. And all tipe of products from RUSSIA, INDIA. Rice basmati broken 25 t. (20 Ft cont) CIF PRICE 0.7 $ per kg. Hight quality basmati CIF price 1$ kg.Ad Nr. 73000 (Business, entrepreneurship in Germany), Germany

Category: Sales of food products wholesale in Germany
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Region: Germany
Author: DARIA / India
Publication: 24.09.2023
Status: 03.02.2024
Ad text in English:

We are an Indian company supplying wholesale rice, tea, coffee, spices, vegetables, fruits to all countries of the planet. For this program, we have banking support for such contracts, licenses.

In addition to products, it is also possible to supply any industrial goods, equipment, vehicles. Today India produces all kinds of prom. goods on the most high- tech equipment.

Products, machines, paints of all kinds, any materials produced on the planet! All of these are made in India today.

We offer the following scheme of work: we inform you about the prices for the goods you need in India. For in each state, prices differ.
You choose what suits you, we buy it for you, pack it, find the best logistics for delivery to the port on the ship.

At the same time, we will take into account the permitting measures of the Government of India for each type of goods for export (we skillfully undertake this work, we calculate the optimal cost of delivering goods within India) . With your approval of our calculations and selling prices, we begin the actual shipment and loading. All information is open to you and verifiable.

At this stage, we also pay, insure and organize the container on the ship.

Thus, the goods arrive at the port of the World you need to the customs warehouse.
Up to this point, this is our part of the job.

Your part of the work is customs clearance of goods through your broker and its verification, if required (in the Russian Federation, this process is debugged promptly) .

Now pay and pick up your order from the customs warehouse. Such a scheme will give you favorable prices for sale and will become familiar already on the second delivery.

It is also possible to send any product of INDIAN PRODUCTION for the full range of SUPERMARKET, gym, online store, construction, restaurant and club.

Our company openly and honestly has a profit of 7% from the amount of purchases of goods that we make for you.
As you can see,

Additional information:
  • Title: Rice basmati, cooking oil, corn, food from GRATE RUSSIA. / Basmati
  • Price: 0,70 USD
  • Seller: Artemida enterprises pvt ltd
  • Supply: From India to Your please. From Novorosisk to Your place.
  • Location of the item: India, Russia.
  • Conditions: LC
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Name, Company: Artemida Enterprises PVT LTD
Email: 7030866006rgmail. com
Phone number: +91 70 30 86 60 06
Mobile phone number: +91 7030 86 60 06
Website: view
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