Our company is located in Moscow, Russian Federation. We produce high quality Mr. Soloboo Ad Nr. 66244 (Business, entrepreneurship in Germany), Germany

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Region: Germany
Author: Torgowaja kompanija "Prowiant" / Russia
Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 03.11.2022
Ad text in English:

Our company is located in Moscow, Russian Federation.
We produce high quality Mr. Soloboo potato chips. We use the innovation technology of quick touch free grill and extra quality ingredients.
The new full automatic packing line, permanent control computer system makes our product tasty and healthy. We produce 10 tastes: salt, sea salt, sour cream and onion flavoured, paprika and chili, traditional Russian horseradish, cheese, dill, bacon and onion, wasabi, tomato ketchup.
Our pack is unique and very comfortable- vacuum pack with the plastic bag inside.
All products have International Europian ISO Certificates and International Food Institute of Brussels (Belgium) .
We have many buyers in Russia and abroad.
We are working with a great Advertising International Programme for moving on Mr. Soloboo brand in Internet, TV and radio.
Our team is so interested in international collaboration.
Our slogan: “MR. SOLOBOO Chips – where Health and Taste meet without Compromise” is the best confirmation of our products and new types of service.

Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: TK "Prowiant"
Email: tvgmr-soloboo. ru
Phone number: +7 (499) 213-00-73
Mobile phone number:
Website: view
Address: 105005, г. Москва, ул. Бауманская, дом 33/2, строение 1
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