German events and news: business, people and events, poster advertisement

News & Events for foreigners and migrants in Germany - a section of the online newspaper containing messages from news agencies, enterprises and organizations, as well as from private individuals as to the latest events, news in Germany, along with messages from abroad regarding foreigners living in the country.

This category covers three areas: news, events and poster advertisement. News - reports on the latest developments in Germany and abroad related to the economy, politics, sports, as well as news in the field of science and technology. Events - private events in the lives of people in Germany, including weddings, anniversaries, and all sorts of congratulations on important events. Besides, this includes messages from firms regarding new products, messages about discounts and sales, bankruptcy, and more. Poster advertisement - information messages about public and mass events in Germany, Berlin and other cities of the country: concerts, discos, shows, as well as holding readings and recitals and children's parties.

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