Dear friends! I beg You to help our family!My mother is ill with cancer. She has a Ad Nr. 67960 (Accept as a gift, freecycle), Bavaria

Category: Willing to give away, looking to accept money as a gift
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Region: Bavaria
Author: 777111 / Ukraine
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Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 27.09.2022
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Dear friends! I beg You to help our family! My mother is ill with cancer. She has a diagnosis- anaplastic large cell lymphoma. We need a lot of money for treatment- chemotherapy and medications. I adress people who are not indiffirent to the misfortunes of others. Your help is invaluable! You can help my mother by movin to PrivatBank card any amount. I hope for your involvement. Bank details for transfer of funds:
4149 4978 4446 1634
WebMoney purse
Z032269929870 – USD
R090577464625 - RUB
U492104930652 - UAH
Galina Ivanovna Aleynikova
My tel. number 0969581829, 0957810704. Andrew.

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Phone number: +380969581829
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