Woollen boots for kids and adults Woollen boots are made from ecologically clean sheep wool. Ad Nr. 65419 (Buy / Sell), Germany

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Publication: 07.06.2021
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Woollen boots for kids and adults

Woollen boots are made from ecologically clean sheep wool. It is a handmade process. It takes few years to grow the sheep and few days of make the wool for the boots. Few people take part in the process of making woollen boots that is why each pair is unique.

Woollen boots have medical qualities as well as been very comfortable and warm.

The medical qualities are: they help regulate the blood pressure, reduce the fatigue, normalized the sleep and increase body resistance to colds.
We offer the woollen boots to wear outside. Our boots have the exclusive sole- TPE (new material for footwear) , which has no analogues in the world. This sole is very practical, lightweight, resistant to deformation, has a high coefficient of friction on the pavement, wet roads, snow, reducing injuries in the winter. Woollen boots with the soles meet the requirements of fashion and comfort, will protect you in any weather.
Woollen boots in silicone rubbers – trendy and exclusive.
All types of boots can be worn in heavy frosts, in icy road condition and snow. In our boots you will look good, because they are suitable to wear with jeans and a fur coat, jackets, etc …

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