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Region: Günzburg
Author: +380670070120 / Ukraine
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Publication: 09.09.2021
Status: 06.09.2023
Ad text in English:

Foundry "MetExport" specializes in the production of castings from steel and iron. The available technological capabilities make it possible to produce small and medium series castings weighing from 300 kg to 5 tons and single castings weighing up to 6 tons.

We produce castings for various industries:

- In the production of compressors (cylinder blocks, frames, pistons, pressure chambers, etc. ) .
- In machine- tool industry (headstock and tailstock, frames, tables, beds, gearboxes, housings, etc. ) .
- In the production of agricultural machinery (counterweights, pulleys, levers, housings, gears, discs, etc. ) .
- In the power industry (cable sleeve, counterweights, etc. ) .
- In the oil and gas industry (spare parts for mud pumps, semi- cargo, etc. ) .
- In metallurgy (pallets, molds, plates, crucibles, etc. ) .
- In the construction of metro and tunnels (tubing, grates, tiles, etc. ) .
- In the construction industry and for housing and communal services (storm water inlets, cast- iron hatches, etc. ) .
- In the field of recreation (cast iron vats are cast) .

The products are manufactured in accordance with the established state requirements, which is confirmed by certificates. We carry out casting using traditional and modern methods.

Our company specializes in the manufacture of castings of any complexity, the quality of casting is always at a high level, which allows us to exceed the mechanical properties of the casting.

• Manufacturing of parts according to customer's drawings or according to a sample is at your service.

You can send a scan of a drawing or sketch to our e- mail, our technologists will calculate the cost of the order and inform you in a convenient way.

Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: Мастер участка формовки ХТС
Email: ob1867406gmail. com
Phone number: +380670070120
Mobile phone number: +380670070120
Website: view
Address: Дорожая, 64

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