we offer to supply light oil (GOST) EUROS:D-2, diesel fuel (summer, winter) , gasoline (AI-80, Ad Nr. 67627 (Buy / Sell), Germany

Category: Buy, sell oil and natural gas in Germany
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Region: Germany
Author: Agropromservis Ltd / Russia
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Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 04.11.2022
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we offer to supply light oil (GOST) EUROS:D- 2, diesel fuel (summer, winter) , gasoline (AI- 80, AI- 92, AI- 95) , oils, additives, liquids, light heating oil, railway, LPDS, and transportation. And self from the tank farm in the Rostov region, p. Tarasovskiy highway M- 4 don, we have a flexible and individual approach to each client.
Tel: 8 (86386) 31- 7- 22, 33- 0- 06
Mob. : +7 988 538 03 45

Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: Agropromservi Ltd
Email: aps-oilyandex. ru
Phone number: +7-988-538-0345
Mobile phone number: +7-988-538-0345
Fax: +7-86386-31-7-22
Address: Москва

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