We sell Mazut M100(Sulfur 0,001-0,005) Shell, USA origin, CIF port 250,000 tons per raid, contract 12 months with monthly deliveries $580/tonne CIF any convenient major port This petroleum CIF procedure.Ad Nr. 71242 (Buy / Sell), Germany

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Publication: 17.07.2022
Status: 09.07.2024
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We sell Mazut M100 Shell, USA origin
50, 000 - 250, 000 tons per raid, contract 3- 6- 12 months with monthly deliveries
$580/tonne CIF any convenient major port
This petroleum CIF procedure
1. Buyer issues ICPO & BCL with this procedure included on the ICPO
along with Buyer’s company registration certificate.
2. Seller Issues Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) , and ICC warning letter for Buyer review, amend (if necessary) , signs and returns the SPA in WORD format to Seller within 3 banking days. Seller sends final SPA to Buyer in PDF format;
Buyer confirms final SPA and issues letter of acceptance of the final SPA.
3. Seller issues to Buyer via email the following transaction documents:
A. commitment to supply
B. statement of product availability
C. certificate of origin
D. product passport E. ATSC, Buyer confirms the receipt of the documents by mail and issue confirmation letter within 24hrs.
4. Buyer issues their Financial Guarantee SBLC / DLC / LC to cover the first shipment to seller’s bank in 5 working days.
5. After completion of the above, Seller issues to Buyer product title transfer agreement, Buyer signs, and returns. Seller legalizes the joint Contract with the authorities in charge and sends to the buyer the legalized contract, the certificate of product title transfer, and then proceeds with
the port & custom clearance of product and all internal routines operations accordingly.
6. Upon completion of the above and confirmation of this export approval by the Authority to
Seller endorsement of the Charter Party Agreement (CPA) and the Shipping Schedule by the
Port Authority, to enable Seller to release the below Proof of Product Documents:

~ Legalized Charter Party Agreement (CPA) with the Loading Port Authority
~ Injection Report
~ Product Allocation Certificate
~ Allocation Title Transfer Certificate
~ Export License
~ Export Approval
~ Tank Receipt
~ Dip Test Authorization
7. Seller issues the commercial invoice and sends to Buyer

Additional information:
  • Title: Mazut / M-100, sulfur 0,001-0,005
  • Price: 580,00 USD
  • Quantity: 250000
  • Discounts: no
  • Condition: new
  • Availability: stock available
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Email: financebank.eugmail. com
Phone number: +79920144262
Mobile phone number: +79920144262
VoIP: Telegram: Ustas60
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