Motor yacht “POPILOV-1699" has four spacious cabins decorated with soothing colors, light skin and Ad Nr. 66458 (Buy / Sell), Germany

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Region: Germany
Author: Popilov Yachts / Ukraine
Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 29.05.2023
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Motor yacht “POPILOV- 1699" has four spacious cabins decorated with soothing colors, light skin and soft illumination. Salon of the yacht combines comfortable sofas, the dining area, the modern galley and the bar rack. There is the captain’s deckhouse In front of the cabin. Power of two engines is more than 400 hp, this allows the yacht to go with a cruising speed of 9- 10 knots and a maximum speed of 12 knots. The fuel tank on 3000 liters gives the yacht an enviable sea endurance and is perfect for people who prefer long cruises. The hull is made of steel and provides long service life and high seaworthiness to the ship.
Technical specifications Motor Yacht «POPILOV- 1699":
Displacement - 39 tons;
Length - 16. 37 m;
Beam - 5. 47 m;
Draft - 1. 2 m;
Cruising speed of 9- 10 knots
Main engines – 2x 220 hp;
Fuel capacity total – 3 m3
Fresh water capacity 1, 5 m3
Cabins: 4

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Name, Company: Michail, Popilov Yachts
Email: salepopilov. ru
Phone number: +79265693443
Mobile phone number: +79265693443
Website: view
Address: Севастополь
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