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Region: Germany
Author: Dmitry Gnusin / Czech Republic
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Publication: 09.10.2023
Status: 03.02.2024
Торфон 5″. Катушка Марко Родина. стационарный

(Торфон 5″. Катушка Марко Родина. стационарный)

Ad text in English:

The coil of Marko Rodin – TorFon 5″ has a so- called torsion field carrying information potential. It is used as an anti- inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative agent, accelerates recovery time, increases concentration, meditative practices, astral travel.
Over the millennia, those who studied the science of sound began to understand that certain frequencies are extremely healing for the human body. For example, these are the bioresonance frequencies of Rife or the frequencies of Solfeggio, matrices, plots, mantras, etc.
We can say that disease is a kind of chaos in the body, and harmonious sounds create order out of chaos.
Each sound has a vibration, and depending on what frequency this vibration will be, it will carry different actions on the surrounding world. Everything is subject to vibrations: man, natural phenomena, Space and the Galaxy.
Many scientists have proved that harmonious sounds have a beneficial effect on the psychophysical state of a person.
So, the disease is a vibration that is not in harmony with other healthy organs. If you change this vibration, then the organ itself will heal.

Additional information:
  • Title: Торфон. Катушка Марко Родина / Wellenspule
  • Price: 385,00 EUR
  • Quantity: 3
  • Discounts: Возможны
  • Condition: new
  • Availability: stock available
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Name, Company: DmitryGnusin
Email: sorelczgmail. com
Phone number: +420-775-570-762
Mobile phone number: +420-775-570-762
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Address: Praha
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