Senior Scala Developer Location: Germany, Berlin Requirements to candidates: to have a work Ad Nr. 67932 (Work, employment in Germany ), Berlin

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Publication: 07.06.2021
Status: 03.07.2024
Ad text in English:

Senior Scala Developer

Location: Germany, Berlin

Requirements to candidates: to have a work permission to work in EU

Required Skills:
• A degree in mathematics, physics, statistics or computer science
• At least one year of professional experience programming in Java or Scala
• Solid knowledge of algorithms and data structures
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills and a demonstrated ability to find creative solutions to technical algorithmic problems
• Enthusiasm for microservices architectures, distributed systems and RESTful APIs
• Knowledge of current trends in software design, architecture and web services
• English language fluency

Additional skills:

• Knowledge of applied machine learning / data mining techniques
• Knowledge of graph theory, combinatorics and optimization methods
• Experience with building and / or running large- scale applications
• Experience with building applications using large data sets

Qualification & Experience:
Bachelor Degree in IT plus 5 or more years of software development experience.

Responsibilities :
• Research, design and implement algorithms to improve our recommendation, personalization and optimization engines
• Write code that your peers praise for its elegance and readability
• Communicate effectively with our engineering, data science and algorithmic research teams and use agile processes
• Be accountable for all aspects of your work, from research and analysis to testing and deployment

Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: LeaderStaff
Email: ms.leaderstaffmail. ru
Phone number:
Mobile phone number:

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