An ancient giant estate of more than 17 hectares with a winter 3-storey house and a warehouse from an 18th-century stable for a family or business.Ad Nr. 69600 (Real estate in Germany), Germany

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Region: Germany
Author: Геннадий / Russia
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Publication: 14.08.2021
Status: 25.02.2024
Ad text in English:

An ancient giant estate of more than 17 hectares with a winter 3- storey house and a warehouse from an 18th- century stable for a family or business.

A unique offer, land with gas, light and buildings for housing and your own business!

The size of the house is 10x15, two floors+an attic.
The walls are made of stone a meter thick.
Heating gas boiler, wood- burning stove.
Electricity 15 kW 3 phases.
Water supply well of 20 m2.
The roads are being cleaned.
The entrance is 700 meters of soil, 300 meters of concrete slabs.
A quiet place.
There are no neighbors.
Near the land for plowing, mowing and beekeeping.
There are mushrooms, herbs, hazelnuts all around.
The room is a warehouse of 650- 800 m2 for fishing, warehouse, garage, production, etc.

The plot is more than 17 hectares. The owner. For a settlement, a large family, a family estate, business, land, farm, production, life on earth without neighbors.

Cadastral number: 47:22:0315001:14

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Name, Company: Геннадий Олегович Косач
Email: gennadiy.kosachgmail. com
Phone number: +79523527000
Mobile phone number: +79523527000
VoIP: +79523527000
Address: Свечной пер.7/11,кв.1
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