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Category: Car service, auto repair shops, maintenance
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Region: Germany
Author: Николай / Moldova
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Publication: 26.10.2021
Status: 01.03.2024
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I am engaged in the repair of engines of any complexity, from complex and inert work, I have completely repaired engines from a Porsche 911 TurboS (produced in 2015 in 2019.
Computer diagnostics, coding and reprogramming, retrofit (keyless, matrix headlights, multifunction steering wheels, ice headlights, navigation updates, changing navigation data from the USA to European ones, and so on, reconfiguring car electronics from the US market to the European market) using engineering programs.
Chiptuning, experience with chip tuning equipment Autotuner, CMD Flasher, FLEX, KESS, KTAG, Piasini, engine tuning, stage 1, 2, 3, 4. Experience with ORANGE5, Piasini, X- Prog, UPA programmers
Working with the spare parts catalog and selecting the necessary parts.
Repaired automatic and manual transmissions, air conditioning compressors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic and electric steering racks. I can do wheel alignment, disassembly and assembly of a car.
I am well versed in computers, I find and install and configure diagnostic programs myself on one computer using virtual machines, over the years I have collected many manuals for car repair and diagnostic programs, more than 4 terabytes of information.
I am engaged in German cars, Porsche, Mercedes, VAG group, BMW.
Of the voluminous and interesting works, there were 2 Porsche 911 TurboS brought from the USA, both were drowned and without keys, the cars were completely inoperative. He restored them completely himself, completely disassembled the entire car, including the engine, debugged them, gave part numbers. I repaired the engine, restored the wiring on one car, had to replace it on the second, brought the wiring from a European car, had to redo it for the United States (the difference in airbags and fuel tank ventilation) . One of the cars was equipped with heated and ventilated seats, blind spot control, multifunctional heated steering wheel, front axle lift.
Ready to come to work under a contract

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Name, Company: Николай
Email: n.gordzeygmail. com
Phone number: +37379212266
Mobile phone number: +37379212266
VoIP: whatsapp, Viber, Telegram
Address: Кишинёв
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