Im offering English online tutoring .10 Euro/hour. i will help you speak more confidently in social or business type environmentsAd Nr. 69635 (Services/ Amenities), Germany

Category: Private tuition in English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian
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Region: Germany
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Publication: 24.08.2021
Status: 08.03.2023
Ad text in English:

Im a Native English speaker and Tefl certified. I teach medium to advanced Conversational English.
i will concentrate on Pronunciation , building vocabulary and correct grammatical errors.
Contact me via email jpeter. shepperson@gmail. com to schedule a online meeting.
We can discuss what topics you are interested in or what your English is required for
Thank you

Additional information:
  • Business name: Peter Shepperson
Ad text in other languages:
Name, Company: Peter Shepperson
Email: jpeter.sheppersongmail. com
Phone number:
Mobile phone number: 0827480582

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