"English Lessons by Native Speaker " Business English and Others Learn English with Confidence Online or Stationary 40 zl/hr (Group of 3-4 students) 90 zl/hr (Individual) I provide an Invoice. Lessons are VAT FREE.Ad Nr. 72587 (Services/ Amenities), Germany

Category: Private tuition in English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian
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Region: Germany
Author: - / Poland
Publication: 22.05.2023
Status: 14.06.2024
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  • Prices: 20,00 EUR
  • Types of services provided: Hey there! I'm Masud, originally from Texas in the USA, but I've been living in Poland since 2019. I've been working with the Cambridge School of English for the past four years, and now I've started my own school! ( Conversa Language Academy) If you're interested, I'd love to offer you a free trial lesson with me. I studied Business Studies and IT at the University of North Texas in Dallas, so I have experience in those areas too. I've worked with lots of international companies, helping their employees improve their Business English skills. I additionally provide English lessons to school students ranging from the ages of 3 to 18 years old. The students find my lessons highly engaging as I incorporate numerous online applications to enhance the attractiveness and enjoyment of the lessons. Furthermore, I employ video lessons as a teaching method, which not only entertains the students but also facilitates their learning process, resulting in effective retention of the material. My students and clients really enjoy my classes because I like to use humor to keep things interesting and help them relax. That way, they're not so shy and feel more confident expressing themselves. Let me know if you're interested in trying out one of my lessons! For students who live in Warsaw, you're welcome to come to my school and have face-to-face lessons with me. I think it's great to have that in-person interaction, and I have a comfortable and safe space for us to work in. So if you're in the area and interested in improving your English skills, please don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a lesson with me! 73*****78 Discounts: 10-15% Just a heads up - depending on the program you sign up for, you can receive a discount of 10-15%! And if you don't want to commit to a full program, no worries - you can also purchase individual lessons as needed. So whether you're looking for a long-term English learning plan or just need a few sessions to brush up on your skills, I'm here
  • Location of the company: Warsaw, Poland
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Name, Company: Conversa Language aCADEMY
Phone number: +48739532078
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