The private computer master looks for work. Call on the house of the computer master, the city PyatigorskAd Nr. 70804 (Services/ Amenities), Germany

Category: Electronics repair
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Region: Germany
Author: kollekzioner / Russia
Publication: 05.05.2022
Status: 07.12.2023
Ad text in English:

Hardware and program repair of any complexity of laptops, computers, netbooks including replacement of chips, keyboards, display (matrix) . Repair of motherboards, videocards, hard drives, LCD monitors and computer power supply.
Installation and reinstallation of Window 98/XP/2000/7/8/10/11.
Removal of viruses and their consequences. Restoration, control and optimization of Windows.
Dumping of the password, anti- virus protection, removal of banners of SMS extortioners and harmful programs.
Payment on the end result. Quality is higher than in service centers, cost is lower.
Russia, Pyatigorsk +7(928) 3497219 or +7(905) 4413875

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Name, Company: Konstantin
Phone number: +7(928) 3497219
Mobile phone number: (905) 4413875
Website: view
Address: Россия, Пятигорск
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