Repair and restoration of equipment and electronics in Germany and abroad (Ads in the section "Services/ Amenities")

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Repair, maintanance, setting computers,
printers, routers
Price: 20
Ad of 02.12.2022 | Germany

Contact: Vitalii / Germany
Tel. +4915151506018
vitaliy.zhd777gmail. com

The private computer master looks for work.
Call on the house of the computer master, the city Pyatigorsk
Ad of 05.05.2022 | Germany | Author: kollekzioner

Contact: Konstantin / Russia
Tel. +7(928) 3497219

Service center MobileMonsters offers display’s
change service for Apple iPhone series: 4, 4S, 5
Ad of 07.06.2021 | Germany | Author: MobileMonsters

Contact: MobileMonsters / Latvia
Tel. +37128887449
repairmobilemonsters. lv

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